Trailer – Imprint Media Messages: The Migrant and Refugee Crisis as Excellent Field of Agenda Setting | #MyStory

From director Laszlo Hartai and the Hungarian Moving Image and Media Education Association, we welcome this documentary as part of the #MyStory: Media, Migrants & Refugees project co-funded by the EU Europe for Citizens Programme and coordinated by the European Association for Viewers Interests - EAVI.

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VIDEO: Trump Supporters’ Conspiracy Theories Shows Need for Media Literacy

These video interviews with Trump supporters about the conspiracy theories they adhere to is the stuff of media literacy educators nightmares.

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VIDEO: #brusselslockdown – How Photography Can Be Used to Manipulate Reality

In this video from Belgian photographer, Jimmy Kets, he demonstrates the ways in which photographers can choose to manipulate reality in order to dramatise and sensationalise.

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