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Copyright Exceptions for the Visually Impaired

EAVI welcomes the news that negotiators from the European Parliament, Council and Commission reached a compromise on April 10 that will see draft legislation to implement the Marrakesh Treaty in the European Union.

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Media Literacy and the AVMSD: From Nowhere to Here

EAVI's secretary general Paolo Celot on EAVI's campaign resulting in the European Parliament's vote to re-introduce media literacy to the Audiovisual Media Services Directive.

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Support a Copyright for Educators in Europe

EAVI fully supports rightcopyright, COMMUNIA's campaign for a better copyright for education in Europe.Although some copyright exceptions exist for education, a lot has changed in education practice since Europe last updated copyright rules in 2001 and it may be a long time before we see another review. It is important that we get copyright right RIGHT NOW!

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Inter Alia #1: EAVI’s Media Literacy Digest

EAVI attempts to keep you updated with all the new initiatives, software, books, projects, changes in policy, news and whatever else we find relating to media literacy in Europe.

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Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics: A Data Literacy Primer

It has become remarkably simple to create a valid-looking website, which to the unassuming eye resembles an official, big-name news outlet. But as if verifying text content wasn't hard enough, seductive visualisations; graphs, charts, and maps, made with free tools found anywhere on the internet, can make fact checking even harder.

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Trailer – Imprint Media Messages: The Migrant and Refugee Crisis as Excellent Field of Agenda Setting | #MyStory

From director Laszlo Hartai and the Hungarian Moving Image and Media Education Association, we welcome this documentary as part of the #MyStory: Media, Migrants & Refugees project co-funded by the EU Europe for Citizens Programme and coordinated by the European Association for Viewers Interests - EAVI.

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#MyStory Event – Naples: Positive Experience of Migrants & Refugees

Hosted in the prestigious venue of the University Federico II, the oldest public university in the world established in 1224, the latest #MyStory event took place in Naples, January 27.

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EAVI Joins 34 Organisations to Advocate for Better Copyright Reform for Education

The joint action was motivated by ambiguous wording used in the directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market that is being discussed by a Parliamentary Committee formed by around 300 MEPs, to whom the letter is addressed.

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Privacytopia Binary Art Exhibition Jan 13 – 29, Brussels

Privacytopia Binary is an exhibition and side event of the upcoming 10th International Computers, Privacy and Data Protection conference in Brussels on 25th - 27th January.Running from Jan 13 - 29, Privacytopia is organised by Privacy Salon and artist, curator and researcher Bogomir Doringer, whom we recently spoke to ahead of the opening, as well as duo The Museum who are presenting as part of the exhibition.

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