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Media Literacy for Full Citizenship | Our Debate at the European Parliament

“Investing in media literacy means investing in people. There is no better investment Europe can make”. This was the message delivered by EAVI’s secretary general, Paolo Celot at the European Parliament in Brussels on Wed 22nd June.

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Save The Internet: Citizens Can Have Their Say On Europe’s Net Neutrality Laws

The barriers for internet access are the same for everyone, however that could all change dramatically if telecommunication companies and ISPs are able to exploit loopholes in the current European net neutrality regulatory agreements.

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INFOGRAPHIC: The EAVI Guide to Privacy and Tracking

Tracking is an inconvenient truth and so is looking after our own security online. It can be unsettling knowing that advertisers are following our every move in order to serve us ads while we navigate the web. Our guide shows you how online tracking works and a few tweaks and recommendations for limiting the amount that you are tracked online and increasing your privacy.

VIDEO: #brusselslockdown – How Photography Can Be Used to Manipulate Reality

In this video from Belgian photographer, Jimmy Kets, he demonstrates the ways in which photographers can choose to manipulate reality in order to dramatise and sensationalise.

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The Pros and Cons of Ad Blocking Explained

EAVI recently attended conferences at the European Parliament to discuss 'Diversity in Media and Culture versus Convergence' and 'An Alternative Media Landscape for Europe.' Amongst discussion of disturbing trends; the concentration of media ownership in Europe and government interference on press freedoms in Hungary, Poland, and Turkey, there was also much talk about what can [...]

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INFOGRAPHIC: The World’s Worst Ever Data Breaches

The unprecedented data leak of the Panama Papers taught us much about the extent of global tax evasion, however following several successive high-profile leaks in recent years, most famously perhaps, Edward Snowden's leak of NSA records, we might consider the real lesson to be that one's data is never really safe.

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HOW-TO: Limit Google’s Ability to Track You

Google is tracking your every move online, but what many people do not know is that there are options for limiting the level of tracking you are subjected to by Google. Here is a how-to detailing some of your options.

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VIDEO: News Mashup is an Important Lesson in Media Literacy

This video edits together BBC footage of a parade in the UK with audio commentary of a parade in North Korea and asks "are the two countries really so different?"

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