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Conference “Des écrans pour servir, oui! Pour asservir? Non!”
International Conferences
On May 20th 2015, EAVI had the honour of presenting its latest cartoon at the conference “Des écrans pour servir, oui! Pour asservir? Non!”. The event, hosted in the beautiful and serene village of Montfort-sur-Meu, was aimed at young children.

The conference tackled the negative effects excessive screen use can have on your physical and mental health, especially as a child. Indeed, the amount of time children spend in front of television and computer screens is becoming alarming, and the consequences are showing: sedentary lifestyle, sleep deprivation, attention disorder, aggressive behaviour and poor performances at school. The main goal of the event was to raise awareness on this problematic matter and help kids replace screen time with more diverse leisure.

Young students from the local schools took the morning off to join our event. Meeting them was an enriching experience in which speakers and the members of the audience learned much from one another. The children participated in some discussions and showed much interest during the presentations.

This article will present the event’s main presentations and speakers, as well as the topics they covered.

The morning audience mostly consisted of students and teachers of CM2 classes ( 10-11 year-old) all eager to learn about the different effects of the media. The conference unfolded as follows:

Opening speech by Emilie Breton (Founder of “Un Arc-en-ciel dans l’cartable”) and the Mayor of Montfort-sur-Meu.

Emilie Breton, the event’s main organiser, introduced the audience to the conference’s topics and speakers. As Founder of “Un arc-en-ciel dans l’cartable” Emilie shared with us the importance of a healthy environment, providing growth and well being for a child. To reach these states of positive growth, Emilie proposes workshops revolving around relaxation and meditation for kids. To learn more on her work, click here.

Simon Sibomana: Communication trainee at EAVI

Simon attended the event as a speaker, to explain the importance of Media Literacy in our modern times, and to present EAVI’s new cartoon: A Journey to Media Literacy Episode 2. Still within the context of the conference, this cartoon offers a different approach to our use of media. While it is important to know when to take a break from our technological devices, it is also crucial to learn on how to use them wisely. This is just what A Journey to Media Literacy aims to do, by sharing its message of awareness of our media use. By being aware, kids will not go round in circles while using their devices. They need to ask themselves the essentials questions of the cartoon such as “What am I doing?”. If not, it will be easy for them to lose their focus, and lose track of what they we doing. Time will fly by without even them noticing it.

As it is always a pleasure to have feedback on EAVI’s work, Simon relished receiving positive and interesting comments on the video from some members of the audience after the presentation. See the video here.

Jacques Brodeur: Edupax, Founder of the “Screen-Free” challenge.

Co-organizer  of the conference, Jacques Brodeur came all the way from  Quebec to share his knowledge on the impact screens can have in our everyday life. Jacques is somewhat of a veteran when it comes to enlightening children on being media-wise. Indeed, he has travelled in many different regions of France to speak in front of schools about his very own initiative “ Screen - Free challenge”. This activity challenges entire households in switching-off screens during 10 days. The objective is to make families aware of how to dose your screen time on healthy levels. The challenge encourages screen replacement with leisure and sport activities during the 10 days-period. Almost 200 french schools have accepted the challenge now, the results following the experience have been extremely positive: Better results in class, improvement in learning and concentration, and significant decrease in violence.

To learn more about Jacques Brodeur’s work, click here.


Dr Jean-Luc Saladin: Doctor and member of the French Society of Neuroscience.

Dr Saladin participated to the conference as an expert of screens’ impact on our sleep. Not known to many, screens (especially the more recent blue-light computer and smartphones) have a direct physiological impact on our sleep cycles and biorythms. Indeed, blue light technology will decrease precious melatonin during your sleep. Did you know: You should wait 3 hours to go to sleep, after staring at a screens..

Furthermore Dr Saladin suggested that excessive screening could also lead to behaviour, learning problems and sedentary lifestyle.

To learn more on his work, see the link.

In the end participating to this conference has been a fruitful and enlightening experience for EAVI. Not only did we get to share our vision of the many benefits of using the media tools wisely, but we’ve also had to share stories, learn more on  media education. The event was powered by the association “Un Arc-en-ciel dans l’cartable” and Edupax, two associations to whom EAVI is grateful for giving us the opportunity to show our cartoon to an attentive and open-minded audience.